Starting A Restaurant? 4 Things To Ask Yourself When Shopping For A Waffle Iron

Posted on: 4 May 2016

Are you starting a small restaurant? Will you be serving breakfast at your new establishment? If so, you're going to need a waffle maker. Make sure you get one that suits your needs by asking yourself the below 4 questions when evaluating them.

What Is A Waffle?

Of course you know that waffles are tasty treats produced by cooking batter between two hot plates, but you need to think a little deeper. When you envision a stack of waffles sitting in front of a customer and ready to be eaten, are those waffles thick and fluffy with deep, wide pockets of syrup, or are they somewhat thin and crispy with shallower, more plentiful syrup-filled pockets? How you envision those waffles determines what type of waffle maker you should buy for your restaurant.

If you want to serve up soft, thick waffles, you're looking for a Belgian waffle maker. These waffle makers have deep grids with large squares. American waffles, produced by American waffle makers, have shallow grids with smaller squares and are suited to those who fancy thinner, crisper waffles.

Can This Waffle Iron Grab Your Attention?

A good-looking waffle iron might grab your attention in the restaurant appliance store while you're shopping for one, but that doesn't mean it can do the same when you really need it to -- in your functioning restaurant. 

Sounds that measure more than 85 decibels are loud enough to harm your hearing, and the average noisy restaurant reaches decibels of 80-89. Waffles cook up quickly, and if you want to avoid burning your customers' breakfast orders time and time again, you're going to need a waffle iron with readiness indicators that can cut through all the chaos. Look for a unit that has a large, bright light indicator, as well as an audible beep that can be heard over multiple conversations, sizzling pans, your dishwasher and sink, and all of the other things that will inevitably make noise in your kitchen once your restaurant is up and running.

Does This Waffle Iron Pose Unnecessary Risks?

As a future restaurant owner, you'll face a lot of liability concerns; 1 out of every 20 reported cases of on-the-job injuries occur at eating establishments. The types of injuries restaurant employees report include burns and trip and fall accidents. Choose a waffle iron that doesn't increase the risks of an injury occurring at your restaurant.

Look for a unit that has an insulated shell; this will keep the outside of the waffle maker cool to the touch even when it's in operation. In addition, it should have heat-resistant handles. Built-in cord storage is also a great feature to look for, so you can make sure the waffle maker's cord isn't draped across the floor or counter where employees could trip on it or snag it on a pot of boiling water or pan of hot grease.

Is This Waffle Iron Easy To Clean?

Once your restaurant is open for business, you'll likely have a very limited amount of time between breakfast cleanup and lunch orders rolling in. For maximum convenience, you'll want a waffle maker that is super easy to clean. Find a unit that has non-stick, removable plates and a nice deep overflow pan to catch any batter that comes spewing out when you close the lid. With all of these features combined, cleaning will simply entail tossing the drip pan in the sink to be washed with the rest of your dishes and wiping your unit down. 

If you're opening a restaurant that will serve breakfast, you're going to need a waffle maker. To choose the right unit for your needs, visit a local retailer with restaurant appliances for sale and ask yourself the above 4 questions while evaluating each model on the market.