Giving Up On Window Air Conditioners? Four Things You Can Do With Them Besides Send Them To The Dump

Posted on: 11 September 2017

Once you purchase and install a central air conditioner, you will not need a window air conditioner again for at least a decade. So, what do you do with all of the window units you have for your home? Here are some ideas that do not involve hauling the units to the local dump.

Hold onto Them as Backups

In the event that your central air system in the future needs repairs, you would be without cool air for as long as it takes to get a repair technician to your home. The window units can act as backups until then. You can put them in storage because they will not harm anything there, nor will they be a problem. Window units can sit for years in storage and still function just fine when you need them to. 

Send the Units to College with Your Kids

Whether your kids live off-campus with roommates or in their own apartments while going to college, they each may need an air conditioner to stay cool. They will need to get permission from the landlords to install the window units in their windows, but most landlords typically agree to this with little argument. Even if one or more of your adult children are not going to college, it is nice to be able to provide them with the means to remain comfortable in their apartments on hot summer days.

Donate Them to Thrift Stores (When and Where Allowed)

Some thrift stores will take window air conditioners. Other stores will not. If you have a thrift store near you that will take and resell functioning air conditioners, consider donating them so that the elderly on limited income and the impoverished can keep their homes and apartments cool during summer too.

Sell Them on Community Sale Sites

Online community sale sites allow you to post advertisements for items you want to sell or give away. If you do not have adult children and/or do not want to hold onto the window air conditioners, post on a community sale site. Most people who do not have central air or air conditioners provided by landlords are desperate to find some window units. Make sure the sale price is reasonable, such as $25 for a unit you paid two to four times as much for. If you do this around the first hot day of the year, you will probably sell the units in less than forty-eight hours.