Tips To Guide You When Purchasing Your Next Refrigerator

Posted on: 17 March 2018

Buying appliances is an exciting time - really buying anything new is exciting, but a brand new shiny appliance such as a refrigerator in your kitchen can make your kitchen feel cleaner and look more appealing. When out shopping for a new refrigerator it can get confusing with so many options available. Narrow down your search and figure out what you want to help make the shopping experience a little easier for you. Read on for buying tips when out shopping for your new refrigerator.

Pick Your Finish

Do you prefer traditional white, modern black or the never goes out of style stainless? What are your other appliances in your kitchen, as you probably want them to match. If you are planning on going with black or stainless, think about smudges and fingerprints. If you have children in your home, you may be cleaning and wiping these appliances down often. If you still want these looks, look for appliances that have an anti-smudge/fingerprint finish. 

Choose Your Style

Refrigerators come in a multitude of styles and options. Choose from two french doors, traditional top freezer and bottom refrigerator, french door top and freezer drawer, optional snack drawer for little ones to grab snacks, quick door version to grab milk and juice without opening up the entire refrigerator. Be careful with the style you choose, as your kitchen setup may not allow for the french door style. The bottom freezer drawer may be too awkward for grabbing your freezer items as you'll need to bend over to reach inside. Think about the style you want before jumping into a purchase.

Measure the opening where your refrigerator will go and don't forget the head-space as well. Take note of the cabinets nearby or any walls that could cause an inability to open the refrigerator doors all the way.

Set A Budget

Refrigerators can cost anywhere from very cheap to extremely expensive depending on the size of the appliance, style you want and the finish you choose. Have a budget in mind ahead of time before you go out shopping. Don't try to stretch your budget to get a refrigerator with an option that you don't necessarily need. 

Shop Around

Shop around for your refrigerator, they are sold in a number of different types of stores. Keep an open mind on the brand of your appliance, don't just stick to one single brand. There are a number of appliance makers today and each offer something different on their appliances to make them unique. Check your local big box hardware store, as well as your local appliance stores.

When purchasing your next refrigerator, set your budget ahead of time and think about the style and type you want to have in your kitchen before heading out to the store.