4 Tips For Properly Maintaining Your Commercial Laundry Machines

Posted on: 23 November 2018

If you run a laundromat or offer your customers the use of your on-site laundry facilities, one way you can boost your client satisfaction is to make sure that your laundry machines receive regular maintenance so that they function properly. Here are a few maintenance tasks you need to complete to properly maintain your commercial laundry equipment. 

1. Regularly Clean the Exhaust Ducts

It is important to regularly clean your dryers' exhaust ducts for a few different reasons. By removing lint build-up from the ducts, you help air flow freely to the dryers. Not only does this prevent the dryers from overheating and becoming fire hazards, but it also helps the dryers operate more efficiently.

Cleaning the ducts will shorten the amount of time it takes to dry a load of clothes, decreasing your energy costs. Your customers will also be happy that their laundry dries in a reasonable amount of time. 

2. Replace the Water Filter Screens on Your Washing Machines

Periodically examine the water filter screens in your washing machines to check that they aren't dirty or clogged. If they are, you need to clean them or replace them with new screens.

Over time, sediment builds up on the water filter screens in your washing machines. This will cause the flow of water to slow, resulting in longer wash times. If left unchanged for extended periods, a dirty water filter screen can even cause the washing machine to flood. 

3. Remove Build-Up in the Washing Machines' Soap Dispensers

You need to clean your washing machines' soap dispensers to eradicate soap residue and stuck-on laundry powder. If you neglect to clean the dispensers, this can result in clogs that prevent your equipment from properly dispensing soap. Dirty soap dispensers can even corrode and require replacement.

To clean your soap dispensers, wipe them clean with a hot cloth. For stubborn soap residue, remove the dispensers from the machines and soak them in hot water. 

4. Clean the Gaskets of the Washing Machines

If you have front-loading washing machines, you should regularly wipe down the area between the machine's door and the drum of the washing machine that contains the gasket. Should this area get dirty, it can prevent your washing machine from forming a water-tight seal. When this happens, your machine may leak or neglect to function properly.

To further discourage the build up of dirt and deposits, encourage your customers to leave the doors of the washing machines open when they are not in use. This gives the interior of the machine a chance to completely dry, ridding it of water that can contribute to deposits. Contact a commercial laundry distributor for more help.