Using A Refrigeration Display Case For Your Business

Posted on: 8 October 2019

For stores that sell food, there is a need for refrigeration systems that can keep these foods fresh. In particular, many businesses will utilize refrigeration display cases as a way to showcase their products and offerings to customers. While these display cases are extremely simple devices to use, they do have some needs that will have to be met.

Avoid Setting The Temperature Too Low

A refrigeration display case may be designed to be opened frequently. This can result in it taking substantial amounts of energy to be able to keep the food inside the display case cool. Unfortunately, some managers may set the temperature on these units too low in an effort to keep the items colder despite the case being opened frequently. This can result in the unit freezing over or otherwise suffering damage. Whenever you are setting the temperature on the display case, you should consult with the manual to make sure that you keep the unit within its designed parameters.

Keep The Unit Free Of Dust

Dust is another common source of problems for refrigeration units. When dust collects around the vents or coils, it can prevent the unit from venting heat. In addition to potentially causing the temperature in the refrigeration display case to rise, this could also put a lot of strain on the cooling system of the case, which may result in substantial damage to the system. In particular, dust can be prone to gathering along the base of the unit, and you will have to regularly clean along the bottom of the case and near any vents so that this dust can be removed.

Check The Unit's Refrigerant

In order to cool, these systems will use a commercial grade refrigerant that will be able to rapidly remove the heat from the air that is circulating in the case. Unfortunately, the refrigerant is subject to wear and degradation. This will result in it losing its cooling ability. When this problem first starts to arise, individuals may assume that they simply need to turn down the temperature on the unit lower. However, this can result in increased energy usage and wear on the system. If you are finding that your display case is having difficulty staying within the right temperature range, you should first check the refrigerant to determine whether it needs to be replaced or supplemented. Luckily, this is a routine type of maintenance that will be inexpensive to have done to your display cases. A refrigeration parts supplier should have the necessary parts to make the repairs.